Gaming & Media Devices - CHARGERNET

The ChargerNET wireless network is available for game consoles and media devices that have difficulty working on LBC’s Enterprise wireless network. Each device will need to have its unique identifier (MAC Address) registered to be allowed access. Please review the ChargerNET Policy section in LBC’s Computer Acceptable Use Policy before registering your device.

Device Reigistration

Visit this form to register your device.  Fill out the form accurately with the 12 digit MAC Address of your device (no colons or dashes). After you read and accept the ChargerNET AUP and submit the form, a copy of your registration will be sent to your LBC email address and your devices will be active within 24 hours. Connect your device to the “ChargerNET” wireless SSID and use the password “chargers” to connect.

Please note: All registrations will be removed annually in July.  You will need to re-register your devices each year.

ChargerNET will support all current generation game consoles and media streaming devices. Older devices may function but are not supported. Please use the following guide to assist you in finding your device’s MAC Address.