Chapel services are the one place and time where the entire LBC community can gather to encourage one another and receive instruction and challenge from the Word of God. These services are at the core of Lancaster Bible College's effort to encourage spiritual growth in the life of every student. Services: Chapel is held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:10-10 AM.

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All full-time students (12 credit hours and above), both residents and commuters, are required to attend chapel services and assemblies regardless of class schedule.

  • Chapel will meet three days a week for 50 minutes (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Requests for an exemption from these requirements must be submitted to the office of Student Life through the Chapel Excuse Form.
  • Special assemblies that occasionally meet on a Monday or Friday during the Chapel Hour are required.

The policy statement as outlined in the Student Handbook can be viewed HERE.

Attendance Procedures and Expectations

  • Students will account for their attendance by swiping their student ID card as they enter chapel.
  • After 9:11 AM, a student will be considered late.
  • After 9:25 AM, a student will be counted as absent.
  • Any student caught falsifying attendance will be placed on disciplinary probation.


Knowing that life often presents circumstances beyond our control, the college extends to every student a flexible attendance for each semester that allows for a percentage of absences without penalty.
This grace allowance is intended to be used for those times when a student is prevented from attending, or from being credited with attending a chapel. This includes forgetting or losing a student ID card, transportation problems, occasional illness, over sleeping, work, ministry, and family demands. A wise student understands these situations usually come unexpectedly and tracks their attendances to avoid penalty at the end of the semester.

Chapel Attendance Requirements:

  • Traditional Undergraduate Full-Time (FT) Resident – 36 Chapels a Semester
  • Traditional Undergraduate FT Commuter – 24 Chapels a Semester
  • Traditional Undergraduate Parent FT or PT – 12 Chapels a Semester
  • AUD, Graduate, JumpStart Students, Part Time Students – Not Required
  • First/Last Weeks of Chapel and Missions Conference are REQUIRED

Full-Time work, internships, practicums need to be scheduled in accordance with requirements and will only be granted a reduction in chapel attendance if approved by the office of Student Life. These standards have been set specifically and thoughtfully to accommodate various schedules.

  • Students with children, Student Teachers, and Students with Special Circumstances may submit a Chapel Excuse Form to receive the following reductions:
  • Students with Children – Reduction to 12 attendances
  • Student Teachers – Full Exemption
  • Students with Special Circumstances - TBD

Please note: Chapels are valued by the college for a variety of reasons and are considered an academic requirement. However, there is a Chapel Excuse Form that can be submitted to the office of Student Life in the first month of the semester to allow for a reduction in Chapel Attendance based on unique circumstances.


Failure to meet the requirements listed above will result in the accumulation of fines in the amount of $10 for every chapel missed below the required number.

Scanning & Scramming of Chapel

Students who scan into chapel and leave before it begins will be notified by the office of Student Life and will be disciplined according to the following standards:

  • First Offense – Loss of 2 Chapel Attendances
  • Second Offense – Loss of 2 Attendances and meet with Dean of Students
  • Third Offense – Meet with Dean of Students to discuss further steps

Students who scan for a fellow student who is not present or assist them in scanning & scramming will be held to the same standard of discipline.

Payment of Fines

Fines may be paid to the office of Student Life following the final chapel of the semester. Students will receive notice of their fines and will be asked to make payment before leaving for break.
Acceptable payments of fines – Cash, Check, or Credit Card. Fines may NOT be applied to student bills.
Community Service Hours – Students are offered the opportunity to reduce or eliminate their chapel fines by performing hours of Community Service.

  • (2) Service Hours = (1) Chapel
  • Service Hours must be performed at an organization, church, or ministry that reflects a biblical worldview and supports the mission/vision of LBC.
  • Hours performed must be submitted by the last day of chapel through the Community Service Form.
  • The allowable amount of service hours supplemented in a semester is 10 hours for a total of 5 chapel attendances. Chapel attendance marks beyond the 10 service hours will be calculated in fines.