Christian Service

Christian Service

At Lancaster Bible College, we believe serving in any capacity should not be a complicated matter. Christian Service at LBC is a matter of requirement, but also a practical outlet of learning as you grow toward maturity in Christ. Follow this guide as you as you explore, select, serve, and report on your Christian Service.

1. Explore  

Your first order of business is to understand the requirements for Christian Service and look for an outlet to fulfill those requirements.  This 60 hour requirement for sophomore level students has an overview sheet that will assist you in your understanding of what is necessary for completion.  Also, you are encouraged to explore opportunities within your local church, a parachurch organization, or serve missionally through an opportunity in society.  If you are struggling to find an opportunity that fits your gifts and interests, a Christian Service Opportunity listing is available in the exploration tools.  Please direct all questions to Sarah Dillon (

CSV 201 & 202 Syllabus  |  Service OpportunitiesLancaster County Churches

2. Select

After you've explored the opportunities available to you, you'll need to select a ministry or organization to be involved in.  In addition to simply selecting a ministry and keeping with the CSV Syllabus, it is your responsibility as a student to arrange for Christian Service to take place.  Part of arranging for this service is to have your selection approved.  As you are ready for that approval, select the CSV Approval & Contract in the CSV 201/202 eCampus course site.

3. Serve

You will be amazed how the things you learn in the classroom will begin to solidify once you put them into the arena of practical ministry experience.  Our hope at LBC is that you'll take full advantage of the opportunity to learn rather than simply make this something to check off your list.  Whether you're a camp counselor, on a missions trip, serving in a children's ministry, or a building houses for a local organization, you've got the incredible opportunity to point people to the gospel, learn about the calling God has on your life, and learn in ways that can't be taught in the classroom.

4. Report

Self reflection and being evaluated by your supervisor are incredibly beneficial in the Christian Service process.  As you seek to be a life-long learner, take this as an opportunity to truly evaluate how you performed the tasks of your service, what you learned, and how others might evaluate you.  To meet the Christian Service requirement, students are required to complete a Personal Reflection and obtain a Supervisor's Evaluation.  Please submit your Personal Reflection in the CSV 201/202 eCampus course site.


CSV Supervisor Evaluation